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About Us

Loving Luca Foundation is 501(c)(3) approved nonprofit organization that is dedicated spreading awareness, promoting inclusion, helping to fund research and to assist families that are blessed with children that have unique genetic disorders. Every child deserves happiness, the opportunity to grow and thrive and to be treated as an equal amongst their peers. We are committed to providing support for these unique children and their families as well as to generate funding for research into possible cures or better treatments. 

Loving Luca Foundation was founded based on Luca is our firstborn son who has diagnoses of Partial Trisomy 13 (PT13), Autism and Epilepsy. He is now 8 years old and has already inspired so many people! He is such a happy boy and is incredibly loving in his own way. For a child with so many obstacles in life, he truly appreciates the simple things and has a zest for life that makes him such a joy to be around. While he has had many more hurdles than the average child, he continues to amaze us as he tackles his challenges one by one. PT13 is extremely rare and we have no idea what his future holds, but we are sure that it will be bright and happy! You can follow our family's personal journey with Luca in my blog. 

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